Vivies virtue is an online florist offering a range of services.

Nothing says I love you more than a beautiful array of flowers. Nothing shows how much you are thinking of someone quite like a suprise aqua bag of stunning flowers with a personalised greeting card to match and gift rapped perfectly. Nothing will make a person smile more than a sweet I love you note tied to a pretty balloon and a single red rose delivered to thier door. Nothing will replace a person you may have lost but a beautiful floral arrangement will be the perfect way to say goodbye and show your respects. Nothing will brighten up your home more than a hand crafted bespoke gift totaly exclusive via vivies virtue.

Nothing will make your wedding day anymore perfect than the most stunning floral display of bouquets, posies, button holes, table centrepieces little flower girl baskets and much more.

These are just a handful of examples of what vivies virtues services can do for you

The story behind the name vivies virtue 

 Ide like to take the chance to explain the story behind the name of my business to help you all get to know me a little better.

My moms name is vivienne and my nan her mom always always calls her vivie it's something that just stuck since she was a little girl, sadly 2 years ago  my beautiful mom passed away very suddenly at the age of just 54 and I was totaly devastated, my world was absolutely ripped apart. There's not a day go by that I dont miss my mom who was my bestest friend in the world and I try my best to keep her memory alive for my boys any way I can so I felt there was no question about it my business just had to be named after her so my lovely mom this is in loving memory of you xxxx

Free delivery service 

A little insight into why I offer free delivery....... one of my first ever deliveries was to a dear lady who was getting over her cancer treatment, she'd lost her hair and was very timid..... as soon as she realised the flowers were for her the smile on her face put a lump in my throat, the way it lit up her face that someone had took the time to do something so simple but special for her, that kind of reaction you can't put a price on and I got in my car feeling so comforted that this lady who was fighting to stay alive had a moment that made her so happy and I was privileged to be apart of it, for me that is priceless. I love what I do and seeing people's reactions makes me love it even more.


Hand made with love‚Äč